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Coal by Carlsson is a Swedish jewellery and accessories company created and managed by husband and wife entrepreneurs, Robert and Jenny Carlsson. Their story began in the winter of 2013, Robert’s love of shape and design coupled with Jenny’s passion for photography and painting laid the foundations of what would become Coal by Carlsson.

A year was spent searching for the right factory, a mix of high quality and sustainability which saw the first collection launch in Gothenburg in 2014. Since then the company has steadily grown and is now present in markets all across Europe. Read more

Mix of clean lines and playfulness

Mix of clean lines and playfulness

Inspiration from the west coast of Sweden

Today the couple live and work in the small fishing village of Rönnäng on Sweden’s beautiful west coast. They draw their inspiration from nature and the places they’ve lived and worked. An open fire as a storm rages on the sea outside the window of their studio or the simplicity of sitting with a coffee cup amongst the cobbled streets of Gothenburg’s old-town.

Coal by Carlsson suits young and old alike with a mix of clean lines and playfulness utilising durable steel and a blend of stones and leather.